Request for Assistance

Thank you for contacting Rumble Global and The Fallen Rider Fund. We realize if you are reaching out you are in the middle of a terrible tragic time and we are deeply sorry for your loss. Out of respect, we’ve tried to make our application form simple and easy to use. We request that you review our guidelines before filling out the form to make sure your circumstances fall within our mission and service area.

Our Mission: To provide financial assistance and emotional support to families struggling with the loss of a loved one due to a motorcycle accident.

Our Guidelines: The Fallen Rider Fund provides small grants to help families pay for funeral and/or medical expenses.

1) All grants are subject to availability of funds. At this point, The Fallen Rider Fund will accept grant applications from families that live within the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. As more funds become available, so will our reach. Our goal is to be able to serve all of Washington State. If funds are unavailable we will have to close our website to new grant applications. It is always our goal to remain open to grant requests whenever possible, and if our application is closed, we will reopen it as soon as funds become available.

2) Due to funding limitations grants are generally limited to families in Tri-Cities, Washington and surrounding areas. If you are applying for someone who fits within these limitations and our grant proposal is not currently available on the website, please email us directly at We will provide you with access to the application.

3) Only family members and close family friends may apply for grants. Due to funding limitations, we cannot provide grants through other non-profits.

4) We request pictures of your loved one. All riders assisted by Rumble Global and The Fallen Rider Fund are added to our gallery of Fallen Riders. If there is some reason you cannot provide a picture of your loved one, explain your special circumstances in the “Additional Information” section of the application.

Thank you for reviewing our guidelines. If your circumstances fall within our mission, and service area, please fill out the form below to apply for grant.


Thank you to our corporate sponsors!